Spraying technology development


Customer Services

We offer easy to reach technical support, warranty and post-warranty services for our own products. As a manufacturer we are able to react fast and with reliability.



We will recommend a suitable application technology, will point out the potential pitfalls of the planned operation and much more. Our expertise is based on many years of practical experience in spraying technology and other fields. We will be happy to share our experience with you.


We provide practical training for operators of our equipment and all theoretical information needed for the operation. Training takes place in the customer’s operation or in our testing labs.

Custom Development

We develop technologies and special equipment tailored to customers requirements. For example, the high-efficiency automatic spraying on complex parts. We are also developing equipment for the spraying of powdered materials that have never been applied in this way (such as lubricants, release agents, etc.).
We have experience in developing feeding technology, high-power pumping, screening and storage of powders.
We are open to new challenges and try our best to meet your technical specifications.

Technology Testing Lab

In our testing lab we are able to simulate the customer’s operations conditions and test the supplied equipment or coating. Every technology designed as a standard or as a new concept is tested and fine-tuned before deployment. In this way we increase the chances of the customer’s full satisfaction.

Trader of the Year

Vysocina Zivnostnik roku 2011

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