Spraying technology development

About Us

JEVAN has been in the Czech market since 1992. Long before the history of the company began we were part of the spraying technology development in former Czechoslovakia. We succeeded in establishing a purely Czech concept of spraying technology. Our products are doing very well in the international competition of products in this field thanks to their reliability and low price. We are not limited to manufacturing spraying equipment for organic powder coating (especially colours); we provide also application technology for inorganic powders, such as lubricants, chalk, etc.

JEVAN gained its good market position thanks to its range of high quality products as well as by its friendly approach to customers and a fair and reliable business conduct.

Trader of the Year

Vysocina Zivnostnik roku 2011

Quick Contact

Nádražní 331
Ledeč nad Sázavou
584 01

Tel.: 569 721 545
Email: info@jevan.cz
Web: www.jevan.cz

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