For powder coating shops

Powder coating – practice in accordance with theory

Are you a technologist in a large paint shop solving a specific problem or a tradesman who wants to start powder coating and doesn’t know how to do it? You can find the information you need in the texts below or contact us. We are always learning ourselves and are happy to share industry information.

About Powdering

Ten points to powder coating

This article offers a brief overview of several aspects that should not be overlooked when designing and operating a powder coating plant. Item The material must safely withstand the curing temperature (min. 160ºC) Spatially free, not connected to the ground or to materials not complying with (a) Dimensionally...

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Efficiency of powder paint spraying

Any economic balance sheet, especially the cost section, should be based on two starting points, which are one-off and ongoing costs. One-off costs include mainly investment costs, a significant part of which are project costs, approval procedures, construction of buildings, purchase of machinery and equipment,...

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Increased performance with tribo spraying

Tribo powder spraying is based on physical principles that largely determine the final parameters of the spraying equipment. The spray gun manufacturer is faced with the challenge of designing an optimum design that will provide the best possible output, which is a sufficiently charged powder that exits the charging...

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How to streamline the powder coating process?

As the title of the article states, it will discuss the application of powder paints. Specifically, it is about a lesser known and used option for automation and mechanisation of spraying, which is spray walls. When a large number of identical products are being sprayed and manual spraying becomes too costly or when...

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When you say powdering!

We associate the word powdering with the activity of dispersing finely ground solids. In agriculture, for example, it is fertilizer, in the food industry sugar, in foundries a metal separator and moulds. In many fields of human activity and in many technologies, we need to spread a powder mass evenly over a specific...

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