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Powder Coating Gun PRSTEN 03A

Gun for automatic coating with powder and other powder plastic coatings suitable for triboelectric charging. It is versatile and can be used for coating simple parts as well as wire baskets and articulate parts with deep cavities, and other products. By appropriate setting and selection of auxilliary hardware (tubes and sprays) outstanding quality of coating can be achieved on any surface.

The PRSTEN 03A Gun is used in automatic operations where together with the C4F feed pump and the KRM control and regulation module it forms a functional set which can be fed with fluidised powder from the hopper (in our range: ZP7N, ZP14N, ZP30N). The sets can be scaled to form larger functional units (spraying walls replacing the amplitude of manipulators) depending on the shape and size of the coated product.

The gun can include a large number of auxilliary hardware and accessories from our range. Service and all spare parts and elements are easily available.

The indicated price includes the basic kit. Please contact us for a calculation of a specific application.


Price: 26 800 CZK

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