Powder Coating Gun PRSTEN 03


Gun for manual coating with powder and other powder plastic coatings suitable for triboelectric charging. It is versatile and can be used for coating simple parts as well as wire baskets and articulate parts with deep cavities, and other products. By appropriate setting and selection of auxilliary hardware (tubes and sprays) outstanding quality of coating can be achieved on any surface.

The PRSTEN 03 Gun is a versatile type of manual gun with the possibility of feeding from hoppers (Z1RS, Z1RH), stand-alone hoppers from the serial production with the volume of 7, 14 and 30 litres (ZP7N, ZP14N, ZP30N) or other hoppers with powder fluidisation. The coating kit always consists of the gun with a feed pump (C4F) at least. Part of the gun is an air inlet hose with a grounding cable. As a standard it is supplied in the length of 3m but its length is optional and so is the type of ending (threaded or nipple). The threading to which the gun is connected must be grounded.

The gun can include a large number of auxilliary hardware and accessories from our range. Service and all spare parts and elements are easily available.

Powder Coating Gun PRSTEN 03

Délka přívodní hadice

The length and ending of the air tube is optional

Charging tube – spare parts

Technical parameters

Output (by pressure 3bar) up to 12 kg powder/hour
Pressure air consumption max 10 m3/hour
Standard length of hoses 5 m
Weight of gun without hose 600 g
Size of gun with dispenser 420 x 150 x 35 mm


Price: 16 300 Kč (excl. VAT)